Secure Wireless

Does your office require a more reliable network in an area where cabling may not be practical? Setting up a secure wireless network may be the solution you need.

Freedom to Roam

In many instances a single point wireless system will just not give you the coverage you require resulting in frustration for users and, potentially, avoidance of certain areas.

If you’re looking to create a wireless network over a large area and across multiple Access Points where users can roam and seamlessly maintain their connection as they move around, we can help.

Reliable Coverage

In this day and age mobile communication is a given and the lack of a reliable signal can render your devices unusable and, in many instances, your business uncontactable.

Our secure wireless networks are designed with coverage and reliability in mind, they are scalable, flexible and easy to maintain whilst ensuring optimum performance at all times.

Bespoke Solutions

Datawire will build secure wireless systems for any workspace or area based around your specific requirements.

Whether it is your office, reception, car park, warehouse, canteen or workshop. The number of users, type of devices, the construction and size of the building all play a part. We take these in to account when designing the most stable and cost effective wireless solution for you.

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